Wednesday, 9 September 2015

How I Deal With Panic Attacks x

Hey Guys! Hope your all doing good!

This blog is a bit on the down side :( (sorry) but hopefully I can reach out to the people that feel the same as I do.

Cutting to the chase, lately I've had quite bad anxiety and been having a lot of panic attacks. Sometimes there's a reason for getting a panic attack, for example I would be on a packed train and feel like something bad is going to happen to me because there are so many people on this train that I don't know. But thinking about it now (when I don't feel panicy) I know nothing AT ALL is going to happen to me! The millions of different people that go on all different trains all around the world and nothing at all happens to them! I suppose I just think of the bad stuff all the time because when you watch the news or pick up a newspaper the headlines are always a bad story. My Nan always used to say 'I don't watch the news because its always bad news' But that's because they don't give enough credit to the people that save lives and the people with good hearts, which there are millions of people out there.

I could also get panic attacks over the fact if I took a full breath but feel like it wasnt full enough, I would feel like there's something wrong with my lungs or something? It is a horrible feeling and situation to be in but honestly nothing at all is wrong! Your body and your breathing is perfectly fine, it's all in your head. Anxiety can't kill you, neither can a panic attack.

I sometimes feel like I'm stupid telling people that I can't go places because I'm too scared to go without someone really close to me like my mum but the truth is I'm not normal but neither is anybody else in the world. Everyone has their downs and their ups and that just makes them who they are.

I hope this helped anyone in the same situation that I'm in.
Let me know if you suffer with anxiety and how you deal with it.

Destinee xx

Monday, 7 September 2015

Get to know me a little more x

Hey Bloggers!

I know I said I'd upload once every week but I just couldn't resist not blogging, I LOVE it!

So you guys don't know much about me so here's a little bit for you to find out...

I'm a 17 year old girl living in London. Most of my time is spent with my boyfriend (mostly watching him play football for his team, on fifa and watch him watch football on tv lol) , my time is also spent alot by gaming on my ps4 and new computer. I play games such as GTA, COD, Gary's Mod, Team fortress 2, Minecraft and the list goes on.....

I also manage to fit in my life the fact that I'm a BIG youtuber fan ! My favorite youtuber is Oli White but a close second is KSI and The Sidemen but I still really like Zoella, Louise, Joe Sugg& Joe Weller, Caspar Lee and a few more.

 I hope this will bring me closer to other youtuber fans hopefully all over the world! Would love to hear about who your favorite youtubers are and what you get up to in your spare time!

Bye for now xx

The start of something new x


My name is Destinee and I am starting my own blog up (wooo!). 

My blog is gonna be filled with stuff like beauty, gaming, things that are happening in my life and really cute puppies.

I'm (hopefully) going to be uploading every monday night around 7pm so I can try make your monday's better :)

Don't be shy to leave me a few questions and I'll try answer them at the end of every blog.

If you do enjoy my blog you can follow me on twitter, @sassylassy_x

Enjoy :) xx