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Monday, 11 April 2016

Every Make Up Lover NEEDS This Brush!

Hey guys!

First things first... I thought I was a crappy blogger because I am supposed to be uploading every Monday but sometimes I am busy or don't have ideas and then I would think, damn, I haven't uploaded in ages, I'm a bad blogger. But in actual fact I'm not. Some days I just don't feel like blogging whereas other days I am really in the mood to write and not stop! I don't see any point in uploading if I feel like I have to, wheres the fun out of that? It's not a chore, its a hobby.

ANYWAY, what you came here to see was the amaaaazing Stipple brush that I have bought. Tell a lie, I have owned this brush for ages and it has only just crossed my mind to tell everyone about it.

The Wilko Premium Stippler Foundation Brush costs a whopping £4. I repeat and will spell it out for you.. FOUR POUNDS. 

It is a perfect brush as it has a long handle but yet fits in most travel bags, it is light in weight, the bristles are super soft and one of the greatest thing about this brush is that the bristles have white tips. This makes life so much easier when cleaning your brushes as you know when brush is 100% clean. 

When you clean this brush it only takes around 2 minuets (depending on how much product is on the brush) and I normally leave it dry over night and it is ready to use in the morning.

This brush has lots of short bristles and a few long ones and this helps so much when you have too much product on your face and you want to blend it out for example, contour or blush. You don't have to apply too much pressure nor do you have to blend your face for 5 minuets straight. This brush is honestly the easiest brush I have ever used for blending. Plus if you do apply too much pressure, the hairs do not come out like other brushes that cost a fortune.

I cannot explain enough how much I love this brush especially because its only £4. The reviews on the website are all good as well, people said that they previously has MAC brushes and the hairs fell out, they bought this brush and said they would never go back!

Honestly, if you have a Wilko near you I strongly suggest picking one up. If you don't have a shop near you, they also do online shopping. Obviously this brush may not be for everyone but I really do recommend it.

What brushes do you love? 

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Monday, 21 March 2016

Five Things Every Girl Should Have!

Hello everyone and a very happy monday to you!

I thought I would share with you FIVE things that I believe every girl should have in their makeup bag!

1) Face Wipes;

Okay so this is an obvious oneeeee... BUT I always seem to be running out of them so I always suggest to stock up on them when your in superdrug, boots or any pharmacy or supermarket.

ALSO, another key thing to know about face wipes is that there are so many out there that control different things, whether you have dry skin, oily skin or sensitive skin, there are many brands out there for you. Personally I have extremely sensitive skin so most of the time I buy baby wipes as they do they same job with out irritating my skin!

2) Dry Shampoo;

I thought everyone knew what dry shampoo is but to be honest, not a lot of people do! Dry Shampoo is a spray that you use in your hair when your hair is slightly greasy. There are many different types and some are used for adding volume to your hair, so its not just for slightly greasy hair but if your going to style your hair, using the dry shampoo with extra volume can hold your curls or waves or whatever style your going for!

3) Cotton Wool Buds;

I can not explain how much I use these beauties! Most people use them for their ears BUT I use them for correcting my eyeliner when it doesn't go as great as I thought it would lol. They are so handy and small so great for travelling! I am also the messiest when it comes to mascara because I have no patience at all and most of the time I am running late. I either sneeze or blink to hard or anything possible to ruin it all over my eyelid. But instead of fully wiping off your eye shadow that took you about 20 minuets, you can whip out your handy cotton wool buds and take JUST the mascara off! What more can a girl ask for?!

4) Eyebrow Gel;

Eyebrow Gel was send from heaven as it keeps your brows in place all day! Its so easy to use and takes no time at all which is perfect when your late or in a rush. If you have never bought eyebrow gel but are interested in buying it, I recommend buying a clear gel as sometimes it is tricky finding your brow shade and it does the exact same job.

5) Powder;

Don't tell me this is an obvious one because its not. Yes, it controls the shine on your face and helps to set your makeup but it also makes your lipstick matte. Even if your lipstick is a high shine, applying your lipstick then patting on powder can make your lipstick matte. This works with any colour and your basically getting two lipsticks in one! Also make sure that it is in the colour translucent other wise your lip colour will change!

I hope you enjoy the my thoughts of the Five things Every Girl Should Have, tell me what you think over on twitter: @sassylassy_x

Here is where you can buy some of the products I mentioned;

Saturday, 31 October 2015

Halloween Special! - Cat Makeup Tutorial!

Hello everyone!

So tomorrow is Halloween and I've always wanted to be a cat for Halloween and I thought I'd share my cat makeup tutorial with you!

I'm no make up artist, so don't judge but I tried my hardest. I hope you enjoy!

                       First of all you want to apply your primer and foundation all over you face.

Starting of with the eyes, I applied a base shadow called... from benefit all over my lid.

I then took a shimmery silver and applied that all over my lid too.

 Taking a very dark grey, I began to apply that in my crease, creating a smokey eye look.

I then took my liquid eyeliner and made a cat eye flick on my lip but I also included a little triangle near my tear duct.

                                                Then I contoured my face but this step is optional.

Taking my liquid eyeliner again, I coloured a semi-circle around my nose, drew a line down from my nose to my cupids bow and lined my top lip and flicking the edges out slightly.

*TIP*- Use a liquid eyeliner that is in a pen, it is much easier to handle.

I took my purple lipstick, red could also work perfectly, and applied it allover my lips, blending it in with the black liner.

                                             I then added three dots either side , above my top lip
                                         and drew on whiskers, three lines either side on my cheeks.

And that's everything! You can also add cute cat ears and a cat collar also too look more the part, but I don't have these.

I hope you enjoyed my cat makeup look and if you are going to a party or even trick or treating and you go as a cat, send me your makeup looks!
Have a spooky Halloween!

Destinee xx

@sassylassy_x - Twitter

Monday, 5 October 2015



Just the usual has happened this week, college& driving lessons, but my lovely boyfriend bought me some stuff over the weekend that I thought I'd share with you guys!

Starting left to right, I got Zoella's Cosy Toesy Bath Soak and Shower Cream with cosy socks. These socks are super fluffy and make me feel all snuggly and warm! And 'Soak Opera' is such a nice smell that I can't describe haha.

Next I have Tanya Burr's Nail Polish in shade 'Fairy Godmother'. This colour is super gorgeous but when I picked it up originally I thought it was baby blue but in natural light it is lilac which to be honest is a bonus because morning you can wear lilac and at night baby blue without any hassle! You need to apply at least two to three coats for it to been seen well but other than that it is well worth the buy!

Last but not least is the 'Two Balmy', Zoella's Lip Balm Duo. These are both so so lovely, top one is 'sweet mint' which comes out nude colour and the bottom in Vanilla Cream which comes out a light pink. I love both of these but they both have their pros and cons. I have had many lip balms before that are vanilla but I feel like the colour of it doesn't suit my completion as I have pink undertones and I feel like it is too much pink BUT it is such a lovely smell and taste lol. I've never used a mint lip balm so I was excited yet a bit like 'what?' lol. It's sweet yet mint, just as it says on the tin, and the colour is very nice and neutral. I would be happy enough to wear this lip balm without a face full of makeup and still feel confident that my lips are lovely, smooth and glossy.

Both the Zoella Items are out for Christmas so I highly recommend buying them for your mum, sister, nan, aunt or even a Christmas present for yourself! Why not!

Hope you had a lovely weekend and an amazing upcoming week! :) xx

Item's I Mentioned;

 Zoella's Cosy Toesy Bath Soak and Shower Cream with cosy socks-

Tanya Burr Fairy Godmother Nail Polish-

Zoella's Two Balmy Lip Balm Duo-

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

What's In My College Bag?x

Hey Guys, hope your all doing well!

Today I am giving you a tour of my handbag that I take to college everyday and all of my essentials in it! Enjooooy!

I bought my handbag from Primark, costing me £9 which is a total BARGIN! It's fits everything I need and yet I still have lots more room in my bag to throw something else in it. It also came with a pouch that matches and can clip onto the strap which is very handy for me because then I can put all my little things such as my antibacterial gel, hairbands, a pink love heart compact mirror, Zoella 'Let's Spritz!', a mini little deodorant and other things that come in use when I'm out.

I then have my books that I use everyday. From left to right, my 'Pin me, Friend me, Follow me, Like me' Notebook made by Jim Chapman. I find this notebook super cute and I use this all the time, infact I have two, one for college and the other just for notes. Next to that is my 15-16 page a day Diary by Collins to note down if I have to finish anything off at home or just for reminders. I also have my timetable and other important pieces of paper in there. Lastly I have the book I'm currently reading, stuffed in my bag. I bring a book everywhere with me and I have been reading this book for sooooo long but I never have the time to finish it! It's called 'Evermore' by Alyson Noel and it's just an amazing book and well worth the buy!

Lying around my bag I also have key's with keyrings from Brighton, the Brighton Wheel, a Shamrock, Disney Land Paris, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 'Golden Ticket' and my USB so my keys are the most awkward and difficult things to carry around.

I have a cute pencil case with Bokeh effect love hearts all over it. Inside is pretty boring so I won't waste my little fingers typing lol. I also have the usual stuff that I have to have at college like a ruler, a folder and colouring pencils because you know, you need them at some point lol.

And that is pretty much it, I use this bag everyday and I find it is perfect because it is not too big but yet fits everything in it!

                                             What do you have in your college/school bag?

Items Mentioed;

Jim Chapman's Notebook:

Evermore by Alyson Noel:

Zoella's Let's Spritz:

Monday, 21 September 2015

My Everyday Makeup Products!x


It feels like it's been FOREVER since I last blogged but I'm back now! :D

This whole week I've been absolutely CLUELESS on what to blog about for this week and I was thinking about it for too long that I came to the decision of posting my everyday makeup products!

                                                          So here it is! Hope you enjoy!

Starting of with Primer, I have used so many before and my usual favorite is Smashbox Photo Finish primer. I find that it makes my foundation blend so well with it. At the moment I am using L'oreal Studio Secrets Professional just to try it out as I bought it in duty free. I have been using it for over three weeks now and I have pros and cons. Pros being that it is a great primer and does the job but cons being the fact that it's a creme primer it feels very thick and I feel like I'm caking my primer on whereas it should feel like a thin layer. I apply this with my fingers.

Next is my AMAZING but yet ridiculously expensive foundation. I wear NARS Sheer Glow in shade Deauville (Light 4) atleast 5 days a week. For my particular skin type, pink and yellow toned, I find that this foundation is not as good for lasting without primer. Other than that it's the best foundation I've ever had for coverage and colour match. I first apply this with my Real Techniques, expert face brush, then go over it with my Beauty Blender which I apologies for it looking so dirty!

After foundation is my concealer which I'm iffy about. I don't know, somedays I LOVE it and others I wish I would throw it away but I always seem to go back to Superdrug and buy the same concealer every time. I use Rimmel's Wake Me Up Concealer ( not sure on the shade) and I do agree it is a good concealer but I think I just need to find the right one for me. I apply this the wand it comes with and blend out with my fingers.

Following concealer is bronzers and these past months I've been using a few. Ive had Benefits Hoola which is amazzzzzing! Only thing is I'm quite light skinned so it's a little too dark for me unless I had a smokey eye going with it. After that I've had Bourjois Paris Delice de Poudre ( I know it's spelt wrong, I don't know how to find accents on this computer, sorry!) This smells SO nice but I felt like the product didn't come off well on my brush. I use a black brush that has no name on it so I don't have a clue where it's from (sorry again lol) I think it's just a simple, small blush brush. BUT the world greatest bronzer I use is Rimmel's Sun Shimmer in Light Matte. Words can't explain how much I LOVE this bronzer, I feel like I can put as much on that I like and still feel weightless. Also The colour matches me well.

Next is Blusher and I'm saying this now.... sorry mum! The blusher that I use at the moment is Estee Lauder and because it is missing from my mum's makeup bag for a while now I don't have a clue what it's called! But I love this blusher as its a mixture of colours such as pinks, browns and golds with a little bit of shimmer! :)

That's all for my actual face, my next step is mascara. I believe that mascara is the most important and I can not leave the house without it on my eyelashes and in my bag! I feel like it makes people look totally different and opens up their eyes more. I'm at the moment using Maybelline The Falsies Volume Express. I adore it but sometimes I change up and use Benefit's They're Real or Benefits Bad Gal Lash.

And Lastly I have to control my brows. I use Eyeko Brow Gel Shape and Define and I absolutely loooooooove this product! It lasts for hours and I always get compliments on my brows when I wear it.

My big Pink makeup bag is from primark, I got it for a birthday present from my big sister with a birthday badge pinned on it :) This one is full off my products. My second make up bag is full off my brushes and it is a Zoella Beauty bag from Superdrug.
Here's the final look ( with eyeliner and false lashes sorrrrrry again! I was going to my best mates 18th!) with all the products I mentioned above. I love my makeup and I love getting more and trying new stuff out! If you have any recommendations for me to use and review tell me and I will totally check them out! 

Tell me what you think about my makeup products and tell me about yours by tweeting me! @sassylassy_x

Thanks for Reading, speak to you soon XX

P.S. I've listed the links to all products if you are interested in buying them x

Smash Box Photo Finish Foundation Primer:

L'oreal Studio Secrets Professional Primer:

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation:

Rimmel's Wake Me Up Concealer:

Benefit's Hoola Bronzer:

Bourjois Paris Delicw de Poudre:

Rimmel's Sun Shimmer Bronzer:

Maybelline The Falsies Volume Express:

Benefit's They're Real:

Eyeko Brow Gel:

Real Techniques Face Expert Brush:

Beauty Blender: