Monday, 11 April 2016

Every Make Up Lover NEEDS This Brush!

Hey guys!

First things first... I thought I was a crappy blogger because I am supposed to be uploading every Monday but sometimes I am busy or don't have ideas and then I would think, damn, I haven't uploaded in ages, I'm a bad blogger. But in actual fact I'm not. Some days I just don't feel like blogging whereas other days I am really in the mood to write and not stop! I don't see any point in uploading if I feel like I have to, wheres the fun out of that? It's not a chore, its a hobby.

ANYWAY, what you came here to see was the amaaaazing Stipple brush that I have bought. Tell a lie, I have owned this brush for ages and it has only just crossed my mind to tell everyone about it.

The Wilko Premium Stippler Foundation Brush costs a whopping £4. I repeat and will spell it out for you.. FOUR POUNDS. 

It is a perfect brush as it has a long handle but yet fits in most travel bags, it is light in weight, the bristles are super soft and one of the greatest thing about this brush is that the bristles have white tips. This makes life so much easier when cleaning your brushes as you know when brush is 100% clean. 

When you clean this brush it only takes around 2 minuets (depending on how much product is on the brush) and I normally leave it dry over night and it is ready to use in the morning.

This brush has lots of short bristles and a few long ones and this helps so much when you have too much product on your face and you want to blend it out for example, contour or blush. You don't have to apply too much pressure nor do you have to blend your face for 5 minuets straight. This brush is honestly the easiest brush I have ever used for blending. Plus if you do apply too much pressure, the hairs do not come out like other brushes that cost a fortune.

I cannot explain enough how much I love this brush especially because its only £4. The reviews on the website are all good as well, people said that they previously has MAC brushes and the hairs fell out, they bought this brush and said they would never go back!

Honestly, if you have a Wilko near you I strongly suggest picking one up. If you don't have a shop near you, they also do online shopping. Obviously this brush may not be for everyone but I really do recommend it.

What brushes do you love? 

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