Monday, 12 October 2015

A Netflix Chit Chat x

Hey Guys and a very Happy Monday to you all lovely's!

It's getting colder and colder as the days go on (in the UK anyway lol) which means you have every excuse to curl up in bed with a nice cup of tea and watch movies and TV shows that you love!

One of my favorite apps EVER is Netflix and I'm sure billions of people like me love it too. I watch mainly TV shows on Netflix but the odd time I'll watch a movie so I'm going to share and recommend my favorites with you!

Starting of with my absolute favorite show ever, (I know I
should save best til last but if I don't talk about this sooner or later I'll explode with excitement :D) SKINS! This is show is about a group of friends that are aged 16-18 and get up to a lot of exiting, emotional and risk-taking mischief. It's filmed in the UK, Bristol and it is a total rollercoaster of teeneagers going through so many problems that you wouldn't realize how much it affects their lives! The only thing that sucks about it, but is also a bonus, is that after every two seasons there's a new 'generation' which sucks because you get so attached to the characters and then they just leave! BUT you fall in love again with a load of different amazing characters. ANYWAY.. enough blabbing about Skins!

Next is the a show called Gossip Girl which is another group of friends, a little older (17-20's) , and they live in Manhattan, New York. They are all posh and rich and get limo's to school everyday but throughout their everyday lives they get updates on this website run by 'Gossip Girl' which tells the whole entire world the group's secrets and lies which obviously causes mayhem! It also shows lower class people fitting in with the higher classed people and most of the time it doesn't work out well lol. Even though this show took me a long time to finish it was well worth watching and staying up 'til 3am most nights for 'one more episode'.

Another amazing show and if you have never seen at least one of these episodes then you need to stop whatever your doing and type in The Inbetweeners online NOW! This show is about four boys that are in sixth form (year 12&13) and they are just hilarious! They just say the funniest things that have often make me cry of laughter. They also brought out two movies which are both of a 'lad holiday' all about girls and drink and its just hilarious and so worth watching!

Sticking with hilarious, another very funny show is Miranda. She is hilarious and is a perfect example of a normal woman, yes, I did just say NORMAL because she does stupid stuff like we all do but we are too embarrassed to admit it! Her mother desperately tries to find her a husband but she only has eyes for one fella and that is called Gary. It is just a great show to watch!

Misfits is another very good show (now do you know what I mean when I say I only really watch shows!) although, I feel like you would only really understand the jokes and find them funny if you were British as its based in London and its about people on probation that get stuck by lightening and receive weird 'super powers' such as reading peoples minds and being invisible. This is a very good show and I did love it but as the seasons went on, my favorite characters left and new ones came in and I just didn't like it anymore.

FINALLY A MOVIE! White Chicks! If you haven't seen it you must of heard about it and if you haven't heard about it you must be living under a rock or something! This film is super funny and is about two black men that are undercover police and for a couple of weeks they have to dress up and pretend they're these two white, blonde ladies that go partying and other social events. Again it is just such a good movie to watch and would cheer you up if your having a bad day!

And that is pretty much it! I hope you enjoyed and hopefully you'll watch the amazing shows and movies I watch!

Do you have Netflix? What;s your favorite show/movie? :)

See You Next Monday!xx

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