Monday, 7 September 2015

Get to know me a little more x

Hey Bloggers!

I know I said I'd upload once every week but I just couldn't resist not blogging, I LOVE it!

So you guys don't know much about me so here's a little bit for you to find out...

I'm a 17 year old girl living in London. Most of my time is spent with my boyfriend (mostly watching him play football for his team, on fifa and watch him watch football on tv lol) , my time is also spent alot by gaming on my ps4 and new computer. I play games such as GTA, COD, Gary's Mod, Team fortress 2, Minecraft and the list goes on.....

I also manage to fit in my life the fact that I'm a BIG youtuber fan ! My favorite youtuber is Oli White but a close second is KSI and The Sidemen but I still really like Zoella, Louise, Joe Sugg& Joe Weller, Caspar Lee and a few more.

 I hope this will bring me closer to other youtuber fans hopefully all over the world! Would love to hear about who your favorite youtubers are and what you get up to in your spare time!

Bye for now xx

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