Monday, 28 September 2015

First Driving Lesson!

Helloooo everyoooneee!

Happy Monday! haha only joking but I actually had a very happy monday today because (as the title gives it away) I had my first every driving lesson! yaaay!

I was SUPER excited today and just couldn't wait to get on the road but I do have to admit, for months and months I was absolutely PETRIFIED.

When it actually came around to booking my first lesson, that's when I got really excited and I just said to myself, 'look at all the people out there that drives, like c'mon Destinee' lol.

But seriously, if anybody out there that is by any chance reading my blog and feels very nervous or scared about driving, just have one lesson! It's not as scary as you think it is plus, if your lucky like me, you'll get a lovely driving instructor and they will help you control your fear.

Sorry it's a short one today, I was just super excited! 

Do you drive? Tell me about your driving experiences!xx

P.S. I was really considering not putting this photo up but its the only one I had haha x

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