Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Tree House Weekend Away x

Hello Everyone! Hope you're all okay.

A couple weeks back myself and Christian (my boyfriend) stayed in a TreeHouse for a weekend as my mum bought me this as a gift on my 18th birthday. (Thanks mum xxx)

I thought that I would keep it short and sweet and show you a few images from our weekend as we also went to a petting farm and fed lots of lambs, sheep, goats and kids. (Kids are baby goats if you didn't know.)

Here are some photos of our beautiful weekend away x


Sorry its a short blog post but I was too busy having fun to take a lot of photos!

Thanks for reading x

& thank you mum for a lovely weekend away xx

Monday, 11 April 2016

Every Make Up Lover NEEDS This Brush!

Hey guys!

First things first... I thought I was a crappy blogger because I am supposed to be uploading every Monday but sometimes I am busy or don't have ideas and then I would think, damn, I haven't uploaded in ages, I'm a bad blogger. But in actual fact I'm not. Some days I just don't feel like blogging whereas other days I am really in the mood to write and not stop! I don't see any point in uploading if I feel like I have to, wheres the fun out of that? It's not a chore, its a hobby.

ANYWAY, what you came here to see was the amaaaazing Stipple brush that I have bought. Tell a lie, I have owned this brush for ages and it has only just crossed my mind to tell everyone about it.

The Wilko Premium Stippler Foundation Brush costs a whopping £4. I repeat and will spell it out for you.. FOUR POUNDS. 

It is a perfect brush as it has a long handle but yet fits in most travel bags, it is light in weight, the bristles are super soft and one of the greatest thing about this brush is that the bristles have white tips. This makes life so much easier when cleaning your brushes as you know when brush is 100% clean. 

When you clean this brush it only takes around 2 minuets (depending on how much product is on the brush) and I normally leave it dry over night and it is ready to use in the morning.

This brush has lots of short bristles and a few long ones and this helps so much when you have too much product on your face and you want to blend it out for example, contour or blush. You don't have to apply too much pressure nor do you have to blend your face for 5 minuets straight. This brush is honestly the easiest brush I have ever used for blending. Plus if you do apply too much pressure, the hairs do not come out like other brushes that cost a fortune.

I cannot explain enough how much I love this brush especially because its only £4. The reviews on the website are all good as well, people said that they previously has MAC brushes and the hairs fell out, they bought this brush and said they would never go back!

Honestly, if you have a Wilko near you I strongly suggest picking one up. If you don't have a shop near you, they also do online shopping. Obviously this brush may not be for everyone but I really do recommend it.

What brushes do you love? 

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Monday, 28 March 2016

Easter Weekend x

Hey guys, hope you all had a lovely Easter Weekend! x

During the week I was making a Easter hamper for my boyfriend to give to him on Sunday. I used an empty open cardboard box, wrapped it in a super cute paper with puppies on it and for the base I bought shredded paper that looked like straw. I then filled it with lots of sweets and chocolates that I know he loves and one big Easter egg.

On Saturday it was my sisters birthday and we all went out for dinner at TGI Fridays. We had a great night and to top it of the cake was amazing. She loved her presents and we all had a good laugh.

For Easter I received a few lovely Easter eggs and two Lush bath bombs that I cannot wait to use and review!

And to top it all off for the next three weeks I am off college and I will be relaxing myself but I'm also going to try and get organised.

How was your Easter weekend, what did you do?

P.S. Do you like how I've changed my blog? The grey theme and my new header is my favorite.

Monday, 21 March 2016

Five Things Every Girl Should Have!

Hello everyone and a very happy monday to you!

I thought I would share with you FIVE things that I believe every girl should have in their makeup bag!

1) Face Wipes;

Okay so this is an obvious oneeeee... BUT I always seem to be running out of them so I always suggest to stock up on them when your in superdrug, boots or any pharmacy or supermarket.

ALSO, another key thing to know about face wipes is that there are so many out there that control different things, whether you have dry skin, oily skin or sensitive skin, there are many brands out there for you. Personally I have extremely sensitive skin so most of the time I buy baby wipes as they do they same job with out irritating my skin!

2) Dry Shampoo;

I thought everyone knew what dry shampoo is but to be honest, not a lot of people do! Dry Shampoo is a spray that you use in your hair when your hair is slightly greasy. There are many different types and some are used for adding volume to your hair, so its not just for slightly greasy hair but if your going to style your hair, using the dry shampoo with extra volume can hold your curls or waves or whatever style your going for!

3) Cotton Wool Buds;

I can not explain how much I use these beauties! Most people use them for their ears BUT I use them for correcting my eyeliner when it doesn't go as great as I thought it would lol. They are so handy and small so great for travelling! I am also the messiest when it comes to mascara because I have no patience at all and most of the time I am running late. I either sneeze or blink to hard or anything possible to ruin it all over my eyelid. But instead of fully wiping off your eye shadow that took you about 20 minuets, you can whip out your handy cotton wool buds and take JUST the mascara off! What more can a girl ask for?!

4) Eyebrow Gel;

Eyebrow Gel was send from heaven as it keeps your brows in place all day! Its so easy to use and takes no time at all which is perfect when your late or in a rush. If you have never bought eyebrow gel but are interested in buying it, I recommend buying a clear gel as sometimes it is tricky finding your brow shade and it does the exact same job.

5) Powder;

Don't tell me this is an obvious one because its not. Yes, it controls the shine on your face and helps to set your makeup but it also makes your lipstick matte. Even if your lipstick is a high shine, applying your lipstick then patting on powder can make your lipstick matte. This works with any colour and your basically getting two lipsticks in one! Also make sure that it is in the colour translucent other wise your lip colour will change!

I hope you enjoy the my thoughts of the Five things Every Girl Should Have, tell me what you think over on twitter: @sassylassy_x

Here is where you can buy some of the products I mentioned;






Friday, 12 February 2016

A Little Valentines Help From Me x

Hey guys!

This Sunday is Valentine's Day. You may be stuck on what to buy your loved one... but luckily you have me to save you just in time.

For the Ladies;

Under a Tenner- 

Chocolates. EVERY GIRL LOVES CHOCOLATE. Plus their quite cheap, just go into your local supermarket and you can pick up a cute box for around £3-£7.

Flowers. This is an obvious one so lets skip the chit chat.

A Cute Fluffy Teddy Bear. Now these can range in size and price, the bigger the better right? ;) Anyway you can get cute ones from a fiver up.

Cook Her A Romantic Meal. Now if you really can't cook then don't try as you may burn the house down but if you can, you should know her favorite meal by now so get the oven on. 


Wine. Now I'm not a lover of wine but some women are, so treat your loved one.

Candles. You can get some beautiful smelling candles from places like Yankee and they really do change the room just by the scent. I definitely recommend candles.

Get Something Personalized! On places like Ebay and Not On The High Street, you can get some lovely personalized items such as canvas' and bracelets. 

£20 and above-

Perfume. Either get her usual favorite or risk your life and get a new one that she may or may not like.

Jewelry. This really does vary in price, you can even get jewelry under £20. I would recommend going to H Samuel or Warren James. They have lovely pieces for a reasonable price.  

Purse or a Handbag. This is a much more expensive present but I would recommend a brand like Micheal Kors or shopping in John Lewis but a cheaper alternative is TKMaxx as they also have lovely bags and purses.

For The Men;

Under a Tenner-

Chocolates. Who says that men don't like chocolates too?!

Razor. Why not treat your man to a razor. They will love it lol. These come in different prices comparing on if they're electric and different brands.

Boxers and Socks. They're handy and I'm sure he would love it.


After Shave. There are MILLIONS of different scents and lets face it... men aint that fussy.

Clothes. A nice top or jumper can always be handy as you can never have too many clothes.

Wallet. Wallets can vary in price, most of them are over £20 but going somewhere like TKMaxx, you can find some really nice leather wallets for a good price.

£20 and above-

Jewelry. Yes, men do like jewelry... well some of them do. A chain or a ring can be bought for different prices depending where bought.

Video Games. All consoles games and video games will vary in price but most of them can be quite expensive. Shops like Game and your local supermarket can sell them and sometimes they have really good deals and discounts so keep your eyes peeled!

AND that is all. I hope everyone has a lovely Valentines Day and I hope you enjoy it with your loved one's!

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Monday, 1 February 2016


Heelloooo everyone, hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year! Also Happy Monday! I am super sorry that I haven't been posting for aaaaagggggesss but as the title says, I am still alive lol.

I have BIG and exciting news that I can not wait to tell you which is..... I have made my first YouTube video! I really wanted to start doing YouTube for ages and now I've done one video, its making me want to do a load more! A lot of people pushed me further to start YouTube such as the youtubers that I love and make me laugh, books I have read and my family members. Even starting this blog ( even though I have been very badly in-active on it) has made me want to do more as I just love it.

I have literally just uploaded my first video which is ' My Everyday Makeup Look' and I hope you all like it! If you do, send me a message or comment either on this blog post or video to tell me what else you would like to see.

Sorry its such a short blog post, and I am also sorry for not posting in ages but I promise I will be much more active from now on! Roll on 2016!

You can see my video here: https://youtu.be/8XYB4CNOCCY

Saturday, 31 October 2015

Halloween Special! - Cat Makeup Tutorial!

Hello everyone!

So tomorrow is Halloween and I've always wanted to be a cat for Halloween and I thought I'd share my cat makeup tutorial with you!

I'm no make up artist, so don't judge but I tried my hardest. I hope you enjoy!

                       First of all you want to apply your primer and foundation all over you face.

Starting of with the eyes, I applied a base shadow called... from benefit all over my lid.

I then took a shimmery silver and applied that all over my lid too.

 Taking a very dark grey, I began to apply that in my crease, creating a smokey eye look.

I then took my liquid eyeliner and made a cat eye flick on my lip but I also included a little triangle near my tear duct.

                                                Then I contoured my face but this step is optional.

Taking my liquid eyeliner again, I coloured a semi-circle around my nose, drew a line down from my nose to my cupids bow and lined my top lip and flicking the edges out slightly.

*TIP*- Use a liquid eyeliner that is in a pen, it is much easier to handle.

I took my purple lipstick, red could also work perfectly, and applied it allover my lips, blending it in with the black liner.

                                             I then added three dots either side , above my top lip
                                         and drew on whiskers, three lines either side on my cheeks.

And that's everything! You can also add cute cat ears and a cat collar also too look more the part, but I don't have these.

I hope you enjoyed my cat makeup look and if you are going to a party or even trick or treating and you go as a cat, send me your makeup looks!
Have a spooky Halloween!

Destinee xx

@sassylassy_x - Twitter